New Zealand’s leading supplier to retailers of Shisha Time disposable E-Cigarettes. Supplying direct to hundreds of retailers throughout New Zealand.


At Shisha Time we specialise in wholesale supply and distribution for resellers wanting to offer their customers Shisha Time Pens, Hookah Pens, Vapour Pens, Vaporizers, E-Cigs and Flavoured E-Liquids.

We aim to supply at the lowest prices with the highest quality, while our local warehouse distribution team strives to dispatch product to you either on the same day or for next day delivery.

  • Our Disposable Shisha Time vape pens offer a much more affordable way for consumers to smoke.
  • Comes with an attractive eye-catching display box for an appealing in-store presentation.
  • All pens are fully assembled and fully charged ready for use.
  • 30 different fantastic flavours all with an excellent taste and smell.
  • Includes a handy tube container to hold the E-Cig during in-between use.
  • No need to recharge or refill, just discard after use.
  • Glowing LED tip which lights up on each puff of Shisha Stick.
  • Last for up to 500 puffs or equivalent to one pack of cigarettes**
  • Nicotine free.
  • Most Popular & Best Selling Disposable E-Cigarette in New Zealand

The Shisha Time disposable E-Shisha pen is an electronic device that simulates the act of smoking a traditional Tobacco Cigarette by producing an inhaled vapour which is combined with one of our many luxury e-liquid flavours, and is known as vaping.

As opposed to inhaling smoke that regular cigarettes produce, when using our Shisha Time Sticks nothing is lit or burnt meaning the user can enjoy smoking without the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke and most importantly the Shisha Time pen does not contain any Tar, Tobacco or Carbon Monoxide and there is absolutely zero nicotine.

Electric Cigarettes come in a range of various shapes and sizes, but most are made up of these components: A small E-Juice reservoir (tank or cartridge), a heating element (the Atomizer) and a power source (the battery).  

We supply the most popular ready to use disposable E-Cig vape pen unit as opposed to the rechargeable and refillable E-Cigarettes. The advantage with our Shisha Time vape pen is the convenience that it offers the user, as it does not need a power source to charge before use or extra E-Liquid to constantly refill for continued use. The Shisha Time device is activated each time a puff is taken and is ready for immediate use by the customer straight off the shelf.

Shisha Time Electronic Cigarettes look and feel like a regular tobacco cigarette and are available in a great range of flavours, allowing users to experience a much less expensive way of smoking than regular cigarettes while also eliminating the passive smoking risks, making Shisha Time vaping the perfect smoking alternative!


Shisha Time sticks are available at most leading dairy's and various nightclubs and bars.

For wholesale enquires and to become a reseller please call: 021 046 6940

Shisha Time products are intended only for use by persons aged 18 or over and do not contain any nicotine and are not intended as a nicotine replacement therapy nor are they a cessation device.

**Please note this estimate is based on moderate use of the unit. If harder/longer puffs are taken, then this will affect the estimated number as the battery is made to work harder.